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Retech specializes in stainless steel processing and production of electrical equipment. The company also plans to expand by an additional innovate products the business profile soon.

SSC Company produces distribution and control boards.

Both companies Retech and SSC implement new technology and aim for continuous improvement through weekly quality monitoring, environmental protection, respect health and safety rules at work. The main purpose of Management and Employee is to meet customer’s needs and expectations.

Company committed to continuous reduction of negative impacts on the environment and respect health and safety rules in the realized business activities.

Retech and SSC employees always act in a responsible way for quality, environment and health and safety rules.


Company purposes are:


          Continuously increase customer satisfaction

          Action introduction to prevent accidents, occupational diseases and potential accident.

          Environmental protection and desire of continuous safety improve


Implementation main directions are:


          Introduction of innovation economic process and improve current process to meet legal requirements on environment protection, health and safety at work and customers’ needs and expectations

          Weekly quality monitoring, environmental protection, respect health and safety at work rules are main process directions in Retech and SSC

          Employees are systematically trained in quality management methods, environmental management and health and safety methods to increase qualifications. Employee motivation is realized by achieving designated goals through partnership with management of Retech and SSC Company.

          All employees and management are responsible for quality and environmental protection.

          Implemented Integrated Management System , environmental protection and health and safety at work are constantly improve.


Quality policy, environmental protection and health and safety at works rules necessary resources are provided by Management. Integrated Management System Policy is implemented and maintained at all levels of organization and is available to interested parties 


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The ISO Management Representative

Barbara Gutowska


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